I'm so excited you're here! My

goal is to capture those candid, raw, & emotive moments with you and yours.  

Whether its family, maternity, couples, or weddings I'm you're girl!

I'm here for you to look back at those moments like it was yesterday.

I create off movement and mood to give you those killer shots!

From curating and styling we got you covered!  

My photography style is to photograph YOU, the person in front of me, in a mix of candid and posed ways. I strive to capture authentic emotion, which is bound to result in the odd flyaway hair. I do my best to get the photo right in-camera, so I’ll ask you to brush the hair out of your eyes, tuck the tags in, and I’ll wait until your background is clear to snap the photo

My editing style is to deliver a lot of images to you (dozens in most portrait galleries, and hundreds in wedding galleries). It would not be possible for me to deliver this volume of images at the price point I do if I also did things like gray hair or wrinkle removal.
This is important for me to communicate from the beginning, in order to adequately set your expectations for what I can do with your images. The edited images you receive from me will be beautiful and they will look like you!

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